HOMOSEXUALITY? Things That The Media Won’t Tell You!

By Bishop Aubrey Shines

homosexualityIn this timely and provocative book, Bishop Aubrey Shines focuses a spotlight on the gay agenda and the current status of legal efforts to legitimize same-sex marriage. He issues a clarion call to the church to get informed and to get involved.

With a well-reasoned and balanced perspective, Bishop Shines offers a cogent analysis of the contemporary debate including:

  • The insidious attempt of extremists to re-define marriage
  • Legal, political, social, moral, and religious implications of same-sex marriage
  • Intentional blurring and confusion between “civil rights” and “human rights”
  • Exposing the “myths” of same-sex marriage
  • Why Christians must become more educated and engaged to defend traditional marriage.

Homosexuality? will help you understand exactly how this is a watershed issue for the church today and why Christians must step forward and let their voices be heard!

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